QARA-genic Work Culture :)

QARA, at its core, strives to be just like any other company; to offer something of value to the world. We hope to bridge the gap between finance and tech by racing to the front of innovation. Combining affordability and convenience into a single practical solution, QARA aims to provide a greater freedom for people to make healthier and smarter investment decisions. (More articles about QARA

“… racing to the front of innovation.”

We value positivity, collaborative spirit, integrity, and above all else, a respect for yourself and others. At QARA, we love working with people. This means we don’t have a top-down approach to collaboration. We foster a creative, flexible, and inclusive environment where anyone can become leaders.

Now with all this in mind, we present to you our “QARA-genic” work culture.

1. QARA is composed of global professionals.

  • We welcome people from all over the world
  • We don’t just stick with one culture, one background, or one identity
  • We are open-minded

2. Do your best today and a better tomorrow will come.

  • We give our best efforts to the present time
  • We aren’t too preoccupied with how things might turn out
  • We are proactive in finding solutions for the “here and now”

3. A great co-worker means showing kindness to others.

  • We treat people with respect, regardless of differences
  • We are free to own up to mistakes
  • We encourage everyone to be transparent

4. Creative ideas come from diversity, not similarity.

  • We thrive on differences and change
  • We encourage everyone to speak out
  • We adopt multiple perspectives and welcome new thinking

5. Freedom and responsibility are one and the same.

  • We create a sense of ownership that comes naturally
  • We inspire others to manage their own tasks
  • We practice self-discipline that benefits the company’s growth

6. Anyone can become leaders and lead their own projects.

  • We step up as leaders and take on individual projects
  • We help each other grow as leaders
  • We are open to feedback

7. Starting is always better than waiting. Just do it and learn as you go.

  • We strive for excellence, not perfection
  • We believe in the power of action, not just words
  • We constantly look for ways to improve our work
Learn about fintech startup QARA with our new interns

8. Facts and opinions. Make sure to communicate them clearly.

  • We back our decisions with clear and concise data
  • We adapt our communication style to fit the needs of other coworkers
  • We articulate our speech and writing so there’s no misunderstanding

9. We have an open mic policy. Let’s encourage everyone to be friendly with others!

  • We make time to get to know our colleagues
  • We seek to understand others from their point of view
  • We refrain from saying anything negative or discouraging to others

10. There’s a way to overcome any obstacle. Stay positive and always look forward.

  • We stay curious and try different tactics to find a practical and useful solution
  • We refuse to debate in topics that seem overly trivial
  • We invite disagreements, but only in a respectful and cooperative manner

All this is easier said than done. But what QARA hopes to achieve is that by sustaining a culture that’s built around collaboration and productivity, we can find new ways to make a dent in our industry sector. And every person who joins our team is here to help make that possible.

About Us

QARA offers asset management services through the AI deep learning technology. Through the combination of both modern AI tech and research, our services include customized investment analysis and weekly/monthly market forecasts.

Our user-friendly mobile app KOSHO is a financial forecasting & analytics application that helps individual investors make smarter decisions. Using the latest CNN & RNN deep learning algorithm, KOSHO analyzes over 30 years of market history and utilizes nearly 400 million data.

Our web-based service ‘’ is a powerful search engine tool that’s geared towards the professional investors. When you type a certain keyword in the search box, you will get a list of stocks related to that word and provide important stock dates as well as other corporate data analyzed by our robo-analyst tool.

KOSHO is available to download for free in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Check it out here!

‘’ has a free 7-day trial you can use! Check out the website here.

Join Our Team

If you would like to join our incredible team of research analysts, software engineers, business developers, marketers, and designers, please visit our careers page.

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