Katie Bomi Son (손보미) is CEO of QARA, Inc. – Fintech Startup providing Online Asset Management & Investment Platform with financial AI (artificial intelligence – esp. Robo-advisor & machine learning) technology since Aug 2017. (Service Name: KOSHO.ai & WhatisFund.ai) Prior to this, she worked for two different fintech startups: Finda – financial products aggregator and Pocket Mobile – Online POS system.

Her first company Project AA, Inc. was acquired by the fintech company – Pocket Mobile in 2015. Project AA* Asian Arts is a Global Marketing Company focusing on the spectrum from Asian Arts and Startup & IT Technology based in Asia & New York.  Worked as a CEO & founder for 3.5 years.

While she works as a columnist, she published her two books, one is ‘New York Artists (뉴욕 아티스트 2014),’ story about meeting and interviewing more than 100 people in the Art industry, especially in New York City. The other is ‘The Greatest Selfish Global Volunteer Trips (세상에서 가장 이기적인 봉사여행),’ a book that is about the experience of traveling 32 countries and volunteering in 7 countries by coordinating volunteer programs through global & local communities, she has shared her life lessons how to communicate with people from all around the world, overcome cultural differences and further develop leadership skills with a life-long passion for philanthropy. Plus, she worked as an enthusiastic marketer at Johnson & Johnson, providing marketing strategy on health care products for healthier and better world. All these backgrounds have helped her to become an entrepreneur.

She was selected as a member of World Economic Forum, Global Shapers Community (GSC) in Seoul, Korea since July 2012. She is a passionate supporter of the global art & culture, healthcare, finance and youth sides of development and believes making a better world is one of the most valuable things we can do.

* 주요경력: 2017~ (주)콰라소프트 (QARA soft. Inc) 대표이사 및 Global CEO

2016-2017 (주)핀다(Finda) 마케팅 이사2013-2016 (주)프로젝트에이에이(Project AA) 대표이사, 2010-2013 한국존슨앤드존슨 마케터, 2010 한국MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme), 2009 한국화이자제약 마케터

  • 저서: <뉴욕 아티스트> (북노마드 2014), <세상에서 가장 이기적인 봉사여행> (쌤앤파커스 2011)
  • 주요활동: 2013 ~ 현재 칼럼니스트 (동아일보, 비석세스, 더스쿠프 등), 32개국 세계여행 및 봉사활동, 교보문고 멘토스쿨, EBS 공부의 왕도 출연, KASIST, 서울대, TED 강연 등 다수
  • 학력: 서울대학교 경영학 학사
  • 수상경력: 2007-2008 현대자동차 & 삼성생명 마케팅 공모전 우수상
  • 2013-2017 대한적십자사 홍보자문위원 선정
  • 2012년 세계경제포럼(World Economic Forum) 에서 선정하는 세계 20대 글로벌 리더Global Shaper Seoul 선정, 2012. 9월 썸머 다보스 포럼(중국), 2013. 6월 동아시아 세계경제포럼 참가.
  • 2013-2014 평창 스페셜 올림픽 자원봉사 및 VIP
  • 2014 CéCi Korea 20th Anniversary Asia Pink Leaders 선정
  • 2018-2019 Top 100 Women in Fintech (Lattice80 선정)